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The Morrowind Quest List was a section of The Quest Lists Wiki hosted at The Assimilation Lab. It is intended to be a comprehensive guide to good quest mods for TES III: Morrowind. It is a community project, in the sense that all of the mods here have been recommended by members of the mod community. Good quest mods are critical to the future of Morrowind modding, because without them people quickly get bored with plundering random dungeons, no matter how great the "eye candy" is.

What makes a good quest?[edit]

A good quest must, at a bare minimum, have an in-game story, a goal, a challenge, and a conclusion. Preferably, this should involve characters that you meet and interact with (not just ones you need to kill), although this is not strictly necessary -- a quest can be communicated entirely through in-game books or notes, for example. Ideally, it should also include some lore to establish a background setting, history, etc., and make some attempt to fit into the Elder Scrolls world (or replace it) even if it doesn't adhere strictly to previous TES lore. A good quest should also, of course, include some reward, but this can mean a lot of different things given the story.

Above all, a quest should be fun, either because of the way it challenges you or because of the way it tells a story -- or, if you are really lucky, both of these elements.


If you have questions or feedback about these mods or the list itself, please post to the talk page.

If you'd like to submit a mod to the list, then please the page on quest submission.

The Quest Lists[edit]