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This is an ongoing project to expand the UESP's audience by making itself available in many languages.

Current Languages[edit]

Linking To[edit]

If you wish to link directly to a page on a specific translation you can do so by adding the two-character language code at the beginning of the link:

In order for the in other languages link to appear at the bottom of the sidebar the desired languages need to be added to each page in the following format:


where XX is the desired language code. Note that links in this format will not actually be displayed on the page. Add multiple link entries in this format for each language desired.

Desktop/Mobile Server Names[edit]

Desktop wikis have the server name XX.uesp.net while mobile wikis use XX.m.uesp.net.

Proposed Languages[edit]

Add any desired languages for UESP translation projects below. Note that actual creation of a new translation site will require several active editors fluent in that language.

Shared Data[edit]

There is some wiki data that is shared between all UESP translation project wikis:

  • Uploads/images (the primary English wiki acts as the shared source)
  • Users
  • Interwiki links
  • IP Blocks

Setting Up a New Translation Wiki[edit]

  • Create subdomain XX.uesp.net and XX.m.uesp.net DNS pointing to Squid server.
  • Create entries in Apache config on content1/2/3 (not technically needed since uesp.net is the default domain but probably a good idea):
  • Add XX.uesp.net as a ServerAlias to uesp.common.
  • Add XX.m.uesp.net as a ServerAlias to uesp-mobile.common.
  • Update Interwiki table: INSERT INTO uesp_net_wiki5.interwiki VALUES('XX', 'http://xx.uesp.net/wiki/$1', 1, 0, , );
  • Restart Apache.
  • Database Tasks:
  • Create database on db1: create database uesp_net_wiki5_XX;
  • Permissions should be already set for all databases matching uesp_net_wiki5*.
  • Copy MediaWiki files to new directory.
  • Delete LocalSettings.php and run web config to create database using the name uesp_net_wiki5_XX. Or just use the command line installer like:
    php71 maintenance/install.php --dbname=uesp_net_wiki5_XX --dbserver="db1.uesp.net" --installdbuser=wikiuser --installdbpass=XXXXXXXXX --dbuser=wikiuser --dbpass=XXXXXXXXX --server="https://XX.uesp.net/" --scriptpath=/wiki --lang=XX --pass=XXXXXXXXX "UESP XXXXX Wiki" "Daveh"
  • Set the new language in config/InitializeSettings.php (not needed if you remember to include --uesplang=XX on all scripts).
  • Run the updater to create extension tables in new database:
    php71 ./maintenance/update.php --uesplang=XX
  • Create and initialize the search index on the new wiki:
    php ./extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/updateSearchIndexConfig.php --uesplang=XX
    php ./extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/forceSearchIndex.php --skipLinks --indexOnSkip  --uesplang=XX
    php ./extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/forceSearchIndex.php --skipParse  --uesplang=XX
  • Add the new language code to config/InitializeSettings.php. Remove hard coded language and copy file to content1/2/3.
  • Test new wiki.
  • If Daveh/sysop on the new wiki doesn't have admin privileges do:
    php71 ./maintenance/createAndPromote.php --username Daveh --password XXXXXX --uesplang=XX --force
  • Add the translator user group to the relevant users on the new wiki.
  • Sign in as WikiSysop as entered during the new wiki initialization phase.
  • Update the permissions of the relevant user.
  • Copy Content
  • MediaWiki:Common.css
  • MediaWiki:Common.js
  • MediaWiki:Sidebar
  • MediaWiki:Uespmonobook.css
  • Export the Template and MediaWiki namespaces from the primary wiki and import into new wiki. Export in small batches to prevent timeouts when importing (or export all, import, and check where the import crashing in RecentChanges then repeat).
  • Update backup scripts on backup1 and backup2.
  • Todo


  • Mobile version/config for translation wikis.
  • Automatic/semi-automatic linking on language sidebar between language wikis (possible or even desired)?
  • Consolidation of wiki configs (main, mobile, translation, dev, etc...) for easier maintenance.
  • Enable Squid caching of translation wikis.